The Block of a Rock

The rock starts out as a liquid and hot. Then he cools under the stary sky. Over the years more rock forms on top of him slowly pressing him together. The mass of the rocks around him warm him up alittle. One day he sees the clear blue sky, Then the sky turns dark and he gets all wet and the water seeps into the cracks in his rough surface. Then peices of him ride the mud to the river. The river takes him and carries him away. then he runs into a bigger rock and sticks to him ocasionaly one or two of his peices cach on to the other rock. Over the years more rock clumps to him and the other rock. At the same time the rivver slowly drys out around him. The mountain spews molten rock. The hot liquid melts him and the other rock then the rock on top of him cools slowly but surely he gets squished. Starting the long adventurous route all over again.