Book? What book?


The answer is “The Titan’s Curse”  Rick Riordan. Which to me is the best book ever.        

Whose your fave?                                                                                                                                                                                                               


 Each and every character is unique and have very different personalities. My favorite character would have to be Bianca deAngelo. She’s strong, kind, helpful, and doesn’t have a high opinion of her self. When the group (Percy, Bianca, Zoe, and Grover) went into the trash yard thingy, Bianca took a keepsake for her brother, Nico (another personal fave.) because she joined the huntresses of Artemis. 


  Because  in this paticular book , it has the most action, the most suspense, the most questions to ask, and best of all,the awesomest characters. Also because The Titan’s Curse is the only one in the series that doesn’t take place during the summer. I also like it the most because my brother likes it the least. Annabeth gets taken away by one of the monsters in Luke’s army.

What will Percy do?

Percy? Take a wild guess……. He goes after Annabeth because he is a loyal friend (fatal flaw). Percy went along not only for Annabeth, but to make sure Bianca was safe (Nico asked him). Now everybody knows that went well…. I would tell you the ending….. but you’ll have to get the actual details from the book (because i can’t fit a 300 something page book in 1 post).

Don’t forget to read “The Titan’s Curse”!


My FaMiLy

I have a pretty unique family. Living with 2 parents 2 grandparents and 4 brothers/ sisters,yeah pretty crazy.

So let’s start withe the basics: COLOR 🙂

Mom: green,Dad:Royal Blue,Sister#1: Black  ,Sister# 3: blue, Sister#3: Pink  , Brother: Red .    

 The only thing i absolutely know about my family is that we like funny stuff. And we have two spazy dog. One is always running into walls.